Planning, scheduling and project controls


Our expertise helps our clients to efficiently plan, follow up and control their projects from start to end.

The success of a construction project mostly lies in the contractor's ability to follow the progress of the work and to identify in real time any delay and additional costs that may arise in the course of the project execution.

To assist the contractor in achieving these goals, we offer the following services:

  • Assistance at the project’s planning stage
  • Preparation of contract summaries, procedures, letters and standard notices
  • Development of control systems for various aspects of the project:
    • Costs
    • Risks
    • Procurement
    • Documentation
    • Changes
  • Preparation of the baseline schedule, updates and follow-up of schedules, and schedule analysis
  • Identification of problems and collection of relevant information and documents

Michel El Saddi, Eng., PGP

It is always a pleasure for me to assist our clients in implementing their projects as efficiently as possible, by developing a good management plan right at the pre-tender stage, then by developing, and adjusting this plan during the entire duration of the project.

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