Dispute resolution


Our expertise in conflict resolution is conclusive. Whether it concerns negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or legal proceedings, we are there to support you during the entire process.

In addition to acting as construction experts in arbitration or legal proceedings, our professionals can also act as mediators or arbitrators in construction-related disputes.

Services offered:

  • Development of negotiation strategy for claims
  • Recommendation for best method of dispute resolution
  • Preparation of negotiation agreements
  • Assistance to client during negotiation sessions
  • Preparation of documents necessary for mediation or arbitration
  • Assistance to or representation of client during mediation sessions
  • Preparation of settlement agreements
  • Service of certified mediator or arbitrator in construction-related disputes
  • Expert testimony
  • Peparation of visual aids demonstrating the validity and consequences of the encountered problems
  • Technical support for attorneys in arbitration or legal proceedings

Nessim Habashi, Eng.

I strongly recommend to our clients to try to settle their disputes through direct negotiations or mediation. This can save them both time and money.

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