Our claims are structured, substantiated, documented and convincing.

We guarantee a quality claim. Our professionals have the necessary expertise to quickly understand the causes and effects of the issues that require claim preparation.

We help you to:

  • Ensure that the clauses of the contract that pertain to the submission of claims and to dispute resolution are respected
  • Determine the validity of the encountered problems and of their direct consequences, and evaluate the resulting costs
  • Evaluate the impacts of the encountered problems and changed conditions (productivity loss, acceleration, winter work, etc.), and calculate the resulting costs
  • Analyze the schedule to determine the delays caused by the encountered problems and changed conditions
  • If necessary, analyze the claims received from the owners, subcontractors or suppliers


Martin S. Fredette, Eng.

I prepare claims in continued collaboration with our clients and I emphasize the importance of adequately documenting the facts presented in the claim. I also ensure that the amounts claimed are reasonable and justified.

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