About Cogerec

We serve our clients with competent professionals, qualified to identify problems, to analyze them and to suggest relevant solutions.

Founder’s message

“Over the years, I have spent a significant portion of my time and energy training a team of individuals who would ensure that Cogerec’s mission and values are respected: quality, objectivity and credibility.

Today, a team of dynamic and experienced professionals carry out our assignments and support our clients according to the method and quality that Cogerec is known for. These professionals are ensuring the company’s continuity. I take great pride in this fact.”

Nessim Habashi
Founder, Eng.

A history of experience

For over 30 years, Cogerec has distinguished itself by the quality of its services and the ability of its team to satisfy the true needs of its clients, while meeting fixed objectives, pre-determined timelines and agreed-upon budgets.

Founded in 1986, Cogerec’s mission is to offer the best services to its clients, with rigour and objectivity, to resolve their disputes in the best possible way.

Cogerec has completed hundreds of assignments in Canada and worldwide related to the preparation of claims and the production of expert reports. It has also taken part in settling numerous disputes that arise during the course of construction projects.

Cogerec’s clients include numerous contractors, owners, and law firms working in the construction industry.

Cogerec ensures that it has a new generation of strong and competent personnel by guiding a team of young, qualified and passionate individuals who have had relevant academic training and who regularly benefit from a continuing education program.

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A team that makes all the difference

Our team has a sound experience in the management and execution of construction projects. Find out how we use our expertise for the benefit of our clients.

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