Cogerec's expertise leads to positive negotiations for Bouygues Civil Works Florida

Case study

Infrastructure Sector Port of Miami access tunnel

Florida, USA
Project cost: $1 billion

The project

The Port of Miami access project is one of the largest civil engineering projects to be implemented in the last few years in the United States. Based on a design-construction model, it includes two 1.1 km twin tunnels excavated with an EPB tunnel boring machine (12.9 m in diameter). This project, evaluated at nearly a billion dollars, was intended to offer a second access to the Port of Miami.

The disputes

A complex technical dispute occurred over a modification to the tunnel boring machine (TBM) as a result of a change in the geotechnical conditions of the ground along the alignment of the two tunnels, which required the injection of stabilisers in front of the TBM.

Cogerec's assignment

Cogerec provided its expertise to the project team (Bouygues Civil Works Florida) as a claims and contract interpretation specialist to prepare and present a statement of the client’s position before a Miami technical dispute review board.

This dispute involving several tens of millions of dollars required a detailed analysis and an in depth understanding of the contractual clauses and technical issues. Cogerec’s services consisted in analyzing the contract, preparing and reviewing the position statement, preparing the quantum, reviewing all the technical documents presented to the board, and providing technical and tactical support to the project manager and his team during the 10 days of hearings in Miami.

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The board’s decision regarding the disputes resulted in positive negotiations for Cogerec’s client.

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