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COGEREC brings its expertise to Bouygues Civil Works Florida

Bouygues Civil Works Florida

COGEREC has recently provided services to the project team of the PORT OF MIAMI TUNNEL as contract and claim specialist for the preparation and presentation of its Position Paper to the project Technical Dispute Review Board (DRB) in Miami. This complex technical dispute involved the cost of modification to the TBM brought about by changed geotechnical conditions along the twin tunnel alignment and the need for the implementation for an extensive ground treatment program to be performed ahead of the TBM.

This dispute valued at several dozen million dollars required an in depth analysis and understanding  of  the  contract  and  technical  issues.  Cogerec's  scope of services included

analysis of the contract, preparation and review of the position paper, preparation of the quantum, review of all technical documents presented to the DRB, as well as technical and tactical support to the project executive and his team during the 10 day DRB hearing in Miami. The TDRB determinations as to the two issues resulted in a successful negotiation for Bouygues.

The Port of Miami Tunnel Project is one of the most important civil work endeavours presently in the US. It is a design-build project comprising two 1.1 km twin-tube undersea tunnels connecting Watson Island and Dodge Island bored with a 12.9 m diameter EPB TBM. This PPP project, valued at just under 1 billion dollars, which aims to provide a second access to the port, decongesting downtown Miami by removing heavy freight traffic, was launched in October 2009 and will be completed in 2014.