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Claims and resolution of disputes for the construction industry



    COGEREC has prepared claims and expert reports and has participated in the settlement of hundreds of disputes related to construction projects valued at more than one billion dollars. We are called upon to prepare and analyze claims ranging in value from thousands to tens of millions of dollars.

    The issues addressed in the claims prepared or analyzed by COGEREC include unforeseeable soil conditions, impact of changes, delays, loss of productivity, impact of acceleration, and impact of winter conditions.


    Furthermore, COGEREC acts as on-site project monitor for construction projects to prevent claims or to ensure notices are sent in order to preserve the client’s right to claim and to gather relevant information should a claim be presented.


    The types of projects on which we have provided services include:

      •  Tunnels and underground works

      •  Excavation works

      •  Sewer and aqueduct installation

      •  Roads, highways, airports and bridges

      •  Pulp and paper plants and aluminum      smelters

      •  Commercial and residential buildings

      •  Power houses, dams and dykes

      •  Harbor facilities

      •  Concrete rehabilitation projects

      •  Mechanical and electrical works

      •  Mining projects